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Get the right fit.

When buying online, making sure you're ordering the right size dog boot is very important. Please take a moment and follow these simple steps to determine which size is right for your dog. And if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

How to Measure your Dog's Paws:

  • Place your dog's front paw flat on the ground on top of a piece of paper and mark at the widest part of the paw.
  • Take a measuring tape and measure between the paw markings. Do not measure the length.

  • Make sure that the paw is firmly planted to allow for the paw to spread out under the dog's weight.
  • When in doubt, always order the next size up.
measure a dog's paws for boots

What size is your dog?

small dog boot sizing

 Paw width             Size

        +/- 1.5"            XXS

      +/- 2.0"               XS

medium dog boot sizing

Paw width         Size

    +/- 2.25"           S

       +/- 2.5"           M

big dog boot sizing

Paw width           Size

   +/- 2.75"               L  


   +/-  3.0"             XL

      < 3.75"           XXL

mixed size dog boots

Did you know?


Often a dog's rear paws are slightly smaller than the front ones. If the difference is significant, you can order a mixed set of Woof Hoofs. Two of one size for the front and two of another size for the rear. Same price!